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Applying Permanent Eyeliner, Semi Permanent Eyeliner Makeup

Applying Permanent Eyeliner, Semi Permanent Eyeliner Makeup, Permanent Eyeliner Application
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Semi Permanent Eyeliner Make Up

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Permanent Eyeliner Application

Steps for Applying Semi Permanent Eyeliner Make Up start with shaking the product - EyeSense™ liquid eyeliner must be shaken before each use. Applying Semi Permanent Eyeliner Make Up: Apply color onto brush - after you have shaken EyeSense™, place a small amount of liquid color onto the sable brush.

Permanent Eye Liner

Blow on the brush - Prior to application, be sure to lightly blow on the color on the brush of EyeSense. This aids in the evaporation of the liquid ingredient and allows for quick drying.  If you aren’t comfortable with blowing on the brush, wave the brush back and forth for 6 seconds for a smoother application.

Permanent Eye Make Up

Controlling the look - EyeSense is applied with a sable brush for complete control. If you desire a fine line, lightly touch the brush to the skin around the eye. For a thicker more defined look, press firmly or apply a second coat above the first one.

Permanent Eyeliner

Line in one direction - begin by placing your brush on the corner of the lower lid, underneath the eyelashes and move the color in one direction. Repeat this process for the top eyelid.

Enjoy the benefits of Applying Semi Permanent Eyeliner Make Up.  With Brown and Black/Brown shades, you are sure to help your eyes pop.  Eyeliner is an important component in every woman’s makeup regiment.  Why settle for a product that will rub off quickly when you can use EyeSense.  Plus applying semi permanent eyeliner make up is quick and easy.

Enhance the eye shape with a thin line or add a dramatic effect with a thicker line.  No matter what, applying semi permanent eyeliner make up couldn’t be simpler.  Plus, it will stay on until you take it off at the end of the day.

Brown EyeSense EyeSense permanent eyeliner Brown EyeSense
Black/Brown EyeSense permanent eyeliner Black/Brown
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