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Lipsense color descriptions. Long lasting lipsense lip colors. LipSense permenent lipstick


From time to time customers ask for better descriptions of the LipSense lip color line. The list below includes the traditional LipSense shades. Another blog will discuss the Diamond LipSense and the newest LipSense colors and how to apply them properly.

  • Party Pink LipSense - Cool, bright, reminiscent of "bubble gum" pink (soon to be discontinued)
  • Nude LipSense - Warm or cool, medium tanned skin toned brown, almost chocolate milk color, caramel undertones.
  • Plum LipSense - Cool, medium to bright, true purpled plum.
  • Dark Pink LipSense - Cool, medium to dark range, with mauve, some rose undertones.
  • Light Bronze LipSense - Can go warm or cool, medium to dark, highly pigmented, bronzy brown with a hint of plum.
  • Red Cherry LipSense - Cool, medium to deeper red reminiscent of dark Bing Cherries.
  • Blush LipSense - Cool, medium range, highly pigmented mauve toned “neutral.”
  • Samon LipSense - Can go warm or cool, bright, vibrant, coral.
  • Dusty Rose LipSense - Cool, brown based, rosy mauve.
  • Roseberry LipSense - Cool, medium light, pinky, and raspberry.
  • Sheer Berry LipSense - Cool, medium brown based berry. Our most popular color.
  • Sheer Pink LipSense - Can go warm or cool. Medium coral based pink.
  • Moca LipSense - Warm medium earth tone based brown red.
  • Blu-Red LipSense - Cool, true bright red, Similar to a fire engine.
  • Fuscia LipSense - Cool, medium dark, bright pink like the fuchsia plant.
  • Cranberry LipSense - Cool, bright red with pink undertones LipSense - like cranberries on Thanksgiving (yum!).
  • Brick LipSense - Warm, medium red with orange undertones.
  • Currant LipSense - Cool, medium dark burgundy raisin color. Goes with any skin tone.
  • Neutral LipSense - Cool, medium dark raspberry red with a hint of plum. Color to emulate your own lip clor.
  • Peach LipSense - Warm, medium light orange based peach. (soon to be discontinued)
  • Beige Champagne LipSense - Cool, light, frosted pinkish beige.
  • Pink Champagne LipSense - Cool, light, frosted silvery pink with a hint of taupe.
  • Gold Champagne LipSense - Warm, light, highly frosted coral, sort of peachy gold.
  • Coral Ice LipSense - Warm,bright Orange coral with shimmer (looks retro on top of Blu-Red) (soon to be discontinued)
  • Fire N Ice LipSense - Cool Shimmery Rose with Berry Undertones (classy!)
  • Spice Ice LipSense - Neutral, Carmel Brown with a hint of copper
  • Pink Ice LipSense - Cool, similar to Party Pink with a highlighter to give it a frosty look (soon to be discontinued)
  • Mauve Ice LipSense - Cool, Purple Mauve with a hint of shimmer
  • Rose Ice LipSense - Cool, color of Zinfandel Wine with shimmer ( Beautiful by itself or with any color ) if you love Sheer Pink, Roseberry ad Dark Pink... you will love this one
  • Persimmon LipSense - Warm medium light orange based with a little red.
  • Summer Sunset LipSense - Reminds of a the redish orange sumset
  • Coral Reef LipSense - Not as bright as Samon but perfect for those who enjoy a coral color.
  • Shimmers LipSense - Add pizazz to your lip color with a Shimmer. These are great for after 6:00pm - Pink, Bronze and Ruby Red (a dark ruby red LipSense - sad to say it is being discontinued).

For all the information you need about LipSense long lasting cosmetics, call Beautiful Lips for assistance.

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