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New LipSense Creme Shade

Recently SeneGence launched a new line of LipSense colors. Each of these new colors have "Creme" in the name. This past week, SeneGence released another new creamy pink color. Amazingly the name is Creamy Pink LipSense. When I first found out about the new color I wasn't too excited. But as with all the SeneGence products, I need to have some on hand so I ordered 10. I just opened my new Creamy Pink LipSense and I love it! It isn’t like any of the other pink LipSense. All of the Cream LipSense colors are ment to be worn as a top coat and there are special instructions to give you the trendy "pout" look.

I thought it would be fun to create some color combinations so I combined the Creamy Pink with the Sheer Pink and what a beautiful color it turned into. I also liked the combination with Fuscia and then I went to a darker color: Red Cherry LipSense. Boy was that a nice combination! Not only do you have the dark color on the bottom but the pink really makes a beautiful intense red pink.

What this means is that you can take all your dark, winter LipSense colors and add a bit of summer spice with Creamy Pink LipSense. Here are the instructions for how to use the new Cream LipSense products:
  • Apply a Cream Collection shade to the middle of teh upper and lower portion of your lips, leaving the outer portion of the lips without LipSense.
  • Apply 3 coats of your favorite sheer LipSense shade.
  • If using an opaque or matte LipSense, apply Cream LipSense after three coats of opaque or matte LipSense.

This is what SeneGence suggests. I just put the Creamy Pink on top of other colors and it looks lovely. For all the information you need about LipSense colors, call Beautiful Lips for assistance.

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